Vedic Age Notes – History GK – Rig, Sam, Yajur, Atharva Veda

Vedic Age Notes – Welcome to! Today in this class we will discuss about the Vedic age period from Ancient History. Here we have discussed topics related to four Vedas, the Aryan community, Upanishad, life of Aryans, Vedic age related books, etc.

History GK questions answers – Vedic Age Notes

# From the following Vedas, the origin of Indian Music can be traced from?
a. Sama veda
b. Rig veda
c. Atharva veda
d. Yajur veda
Ans. a

# Yajur veda deals with?
a. Black magic
b. Architecture
c. Procedure of religious rituals
d. Medicine
Ans. c

# Which God was known as Purandhara?
a. Shiva
b. Aditi
c. Indra
d. Brahma
Ans. c
> He was also known as the God of rain and thunder
> God Shiva does not belong to Rig vedic period

# Atharva veda deals with?
a. Medicine
b. Astronomy
c. Calendar reading
d. None of these
Ans. a
> Atharva veda also deals with Magic, tantra, ayurveda

# How many Upanishads are there?
a. 107
b. 99
c. 108
d. 109
Ans. c

# Gayatri Mantra is mentioned in which veda?
a. Sama veda
b. Rig veda
c. Yajur veda
d. Atharva veda
Ans. b

# Gayatri Mantra in Rig veda is composed by?
a. Visvamitra
b. Kalhan
c. Kabir
d. Amir khusro
Ans. a

# In India the first permanent home of Aryans was in?
a. Rajasthan
b. Punjab
c. Gujarat
d. Madhya pradesh
Ans. b

# The word Aryan is a type of?
a. Society
b. A race (cast)
c. Cultivation
d. Brahmachari
Ans. b

# From the following where was the earliest reference to Varna system was found?
a. Atharva veda
b. Rig veda
c. Upanishad
d. Manu samhita
Ans. b
> Four Vernas i.e. Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra were found in 10th Mandala in Rig veda

# How many Purans are there?
a. 18
b. 42
c. 72
d. 50
Ans. a

# Which of the following is the oldest Vedas?
a. Rig veda
b. Atharva veda
c. Yajur veda
d. Sama veda
Ans. a

# Samiti and sabha related to which phase of history?
a. Dravidians
b. Indus valley people
c. Rigvedic aryans
d. Indian hilly tribes
Ans. c

# Gayatri Mantra in Rig veda addressed to which God?
a. Agni
b. Savitri
c. Indra
d. Shiva
Ans. b

History Vedic Age Question and Answer

# The main food of the Vedic Aryans were?
a. Vegetables and fruits
b. Barley and rice
c. Milk and related products
d. Rice and pulses
Ans. c

# Which of the following vedas deals with magical charms and spells?
a. Atharva veda
b. Sama veda
c. Rig veda
d. Yajur veda
Ans. a

# The Manu Smriti deals with?
a. Social order
b. Laws
c. Economics
d. Geography
Ans. b

# From the following Patanjali is related to?
a. Ayurveda
b. Yoga sutra
c. Panchatantra
d. Brahma sutra
Ans. b

# The Mahabharat battle was fought for how many days?
a. 14 days
b. 18 days
c. 20 days
d. 11 days
Ans. b

# The Upanishad books related to?
a. Law
b. Magic, tantras
c. Philosophy
d. Yoga
Ans. c

# The term ‘Gotra’ first occurs in which vedas?
a. Sama veda
b. Rig veda
c. Atharva veda
d. Yajur veda
Ans. b

# Ashtadhyayi was written by?
a. Balmiki
b. Panini
c. Ved vyas
d. Amir khushro
Ans. b

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