SSC MTS Previous Year Question Paper – 26 July 2022 Shift 1

SSC MTS Previous Year Question Paper – Welcome to! In today’s class we will discuss SSC MTS Previous Year Question Paper of 26 July 2022 Shift 1. Here we have covered all the GK General Awareness Part Questions Answers.

SSC MTS Previous Year Question Paper – GK Part

# The reaction between an acid and a base to give a salt and water is called ______?
a. Combination reaction
b. Neutralisation reaction
c. Decomposition reaction
d. Displacement reaction
Ans. b

# First Mauryan ruler who tried to spread his message to the people through inscriptions?
a. Brihadratha
b. Bindusara
c. Ashoka
d. Chandragupta
Ans. c
> Ashoka’s inscriptions were inscribed in Prakrit and used the Brahmi script.

# The book ‘The Immortals of Meluha’ has been written by_____?
a. Ruskin Bond
b. Aravind Adiga
c. Salman Rushdie
d. Amish Tripathi
Ans. d
> Amish Tripathi is also known for his book series Shiva Trilogy and Ram Chandra Series.

# Behdienkhlam festival is celebrated in which state?
a. Uttar Pradesh
b. West Bengal
c. Meghalaya
d. Jharkhand
Ans. c

# Famous festivals of Uttar Pradesh-
> Sardhana Christian Fair, Meerut
> Kailash Fair, Agra
> Ganga Mahotsava, Varanasi
> Janmashtmi Fair, Mathura
> Parikramas, Ayodhya

# Famous festivals of West Bengal-
> Durga pooja
> Jamai Shashti
> Charak Puja
> Posh Sankranti
> Poila Baisakh

# Famous festivals of Jharkhand-
> Kunda Mela
> Chatra Mela
> Lawalong Mela
> Sangharo Mela
> Tutilawa Mela

# The Reserve Bank of India was founded in the year?
a. 1935
b. 1937
c. 1945
d. 1944
Ans. a
> The bank was nationalised in the year 1949

# Which of the following is a fibre crop?
a. Mango
b. Rubber
c. Coffee
d. Hemp
Ans. d

# Which country won the maximum number of medals at 2020 Summer Olympic Games (played in 2021)?
a. Japan
b. India
c. USA
d. Britain
Ans. c
> United States: 113 medals (39 gold, 41 silver, 33 bronze)
> China: 88 medals (38 gold, 32 silver, 18 bronze)
> Russia: 71 medals (20 gold, 28 silver, 23 bronze)
> Britain: 65 medals (22 gold, 21 silver, 22 bronze)
> Japan: 58 medals (27 gold, 14 silver, 17 bronze)

# Mehrunnisa married Emperor Jahangir in the year?
a. 1620
b. 1602
c. 1611
d. 1612
Ans. c
> Mehrunnisa was the 20th and last wife of Jahangir
> After she married emperor Jahangir, she received the title Nur Jahan

# Shyam is suffering from Beriberi. This is because he has a deficiency of which vitamin?
a. Vitamin B
b. Vitamin A
c. Vitamin K
d. Vitamin C
Ans. a
> Vitamin A deficiency disease – Night Blindness
> Vitamin K helps in blood clotting
> Vitamin C is helpful for skin, connective tissues, teeth, gums, wounds healing, burns healing, bone repairing
> Vitamin C source – Citrus fruits, tomatoes, broccoli

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# Ustad Zakir Hussain is associated with which musical instrument?
a. Flute
b. Tabla
c. Santoor
d. Harmonium
Ans. b
> Popular musical instrument players are-
> Pandit Shivkumar Sharma – Santoor
> Hariprasad Chaurasia – Flute
> R.K. Bijapure – Harmonium

# As per Census 2011, which Indian state has the highest sex ratio?
a. Andhra Pradesh
b. Kerala
c. Tamil Nadu
d. Manipur
Ans. b

# Which freedom fighter abolished the Zamindari System in Uttar Pradesh?
a. Gopal Krishna Gokhale
b. Lala Hardayal
c. Jyotiba Phule
d. Govind Ballabh Pant
Ans. d
> Who started the Zamindari system – Lord Cornwallis under his Permanent Settlement Act

# Growth rate of population refers to the-
a. Difference between birth rate and GDP
b. Difference between birth rate and death rate
c. Difference between death rate and GDP
d. Addition of birth rate and death rate
Ans. b

SSC MTS Previous Year Question Paper - 26 July 2022 Shift 1

SSC MTS Previous Year Questions Answers – General Awareness Part

# The climate of India is described as which of the following types?
a. Temperate
b. Polar
c. Monsoon
d. Mediterranean
Ans. c

# Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy is related to which sports?
a. Football
b. Cricket
c. Hockey
d. Badminton
Ans. b

# In 1590, the Govind Deva temple of Vrindavan, near Mathura was constructed from _______ sandstone.
a. Red
b. Black
c. Yellow
d. White
Ans. a

# Over which state in India does the Mahanadi basin NOT extend?
a. Jharkhand
b. Odisha
c. Chhattisgarh
d. Uttar Pradesh
Ans. d

# Which of the following dance forms of India is associated with Rajasthan?
a. Kathak
b. Odishi
c. Bharatnatyam
d. Kalbelia
Ans. d

# All of the following are freedom fighters of India who were hanged to death on 23 March 1931 in the Lahore conspiracy case except _________.
a. Rajguru
b. Sukhdev
c. Bhagat Singh
d. Mahatma Gandhi
Ans. d

# Sameer wants to contest Lok Sabha elections in India. At what age can he do that?
a. 21 years
b. 18 years
c. 25 years
d. 30 years
Ans. c

# Athlete’s foot is a disease caused by ________.
a. Bacteria
b. HIV
c. Fungi
d. Lack of vitamin
Ans. c

# Which article of the Indian Constitution provides freedom to manage religious affairs?
a. Article 21
b. Article 26
c. Article 23
d. Article 20
Ans. b

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