Banking RBI GK Questions Answers

RBI GK Questions – In today’s class we are going to discuss some RBI GK Questions Answers. Here we are going to cover all the RBI General Knowledge topics like RBI established date, RBI longest tenure governor, RBI nationalised date, RBI shortest tenure governor, Finance ministry, RBI headquarters, RBI logo insignia, Bank rate, Banking commission, Banking act, etc.

RBI GK Questions and Answers

# RBI was established on?
a. 1st April 1934
b. 1st May 1935
c. 1st April 1935
d. 2nd May 1935
Ans. c

# In which year the RBI was nationalised?
a. 1950
b. 1949
c. 1948
d. 1947
Ans. b

# The appointment of RBI governor is done by?
a. President
b. Prime minister
c. Finance ministry
d. Finance secretary
Ans. b

# RBI governor is appointed for the term period of?
a. 5 years
b. 3 years
c. 6 years
d. 7 years
Ans. b

# Who has the right to issue coins in India?
a. Finance ministry
b. RBI
c. Government of India
d. President office
Ans. a

# The Indian Banking Act came into force or enacted from?
a. 1950
b. 1949
c. 1947
d. 1942
Ans. b

# Where was the first headquarters of RBI?
a. Chennai
b. Mumbai
c. Kolkata
d. Delhi
Ans. c

# Which animal is presented on the insignia of RBI?
a. Elephant
b. Tiger
c. Lion
d. Panther
Ans. b

RBI GK Questions Answers

RBI related Questions and Answers

# Bank Rate is decided by which of the following?
a. RBI
b. SBI
c. Finance ministry
d. Government of India
Ans. a

# The first governor of RBI was?
a. Sir James Taylor
b. Sir CD Deshmukh
c. Sir Osborne Smith
d. Sir Benegal Rama Rau
Ans. c

# How many banks were first nationalised?
a. 14
b. 19
c. 13
d. 15
Ans. a

# How many banks were nationalised in the second phase?
a. 14
b. 6
c. 11
d. 9
Ans. b

# From the following who had the shortest tenure period as the governor of RBI?
a. Raghuram Rajan
b. Amitav Ghosh
c. Dr Manmohan Singh
d. Shaktikanta Das
Ans. b

# Who was the first woman Deputy Director of RBI?
a. Vidya S
b. KJ Udeshi
c. Suhani Sharma
d. Anuradha Basu
Ans. b

# From the following who introduced the Banking Ombudsman Scheme?
b. Bank of Baroda
c. SBI
d. RBI
Ans. d

# Who was the first Indian governor of RBI?
a. Sir Osborne Smith
b. Sir CD Deshmukh
c. Sir James Taylor
d. Sir Benegal Rama Rau
Ans. b

RBI General Knowledge Quiz

# Which tree is presented on the insignia of RBI?
a. Banyan tree
b. Palm tree
c. Sal tree
d. Peepal tree
Ans. b

# From the following which Rate is not determined by RBI?
a. Bank rate
b. Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR)
c. Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR)
d. Prime Lending Rate (PLR)
Ans. d

# The foreign exchange reserve in India are under whose protection?
a. RBI
b. SBI
Ans. a

# RBI can issue currency notes upto which denomination?
a. Rs 5000
b. Rs 10000
c. Rs 1000
d. Rs 2000
Ans. b

# Which bank is known as the central bank of India?
a. RBI (Reserve Bank of India)
b. SBI (State Bank of India)
c. Punjab National Bank
d. Bank of Baroda
Ans. a

# Which bank is also called as Banker’s Bank?
a. SBI
b. RBI
c. Punjab National Bank
d. Canara Bank
Ans. b

# From the following who had the longest tenure period as the governor of RBI?
a. Raghuram Rajan
b. Shaktikanta Das
c. Sir Benegal Rama Rau
d. Sir CD Deshmukh
Ans. c

# The commission which recommended the formation of RBI?
a. Yashpal commission
b. Arthur commission
c. Hilton Young commission
d. Simon commission
Ans. c

Banking GK Questions and Answers

Q. What is the banking known as, where all banking operations are done online?
a. Mixed banking
b. Virtual banking
c. Social banking
d. Retail banking
Ans. b

Q. The Royal Commission on Indian currency and Finance was also known as?
a. Muddiman committee
b. Hilton-Young commission
c. Hartog commission
d. Buttler commission
Ans. b

Q. Money lent for more than one day but less than 15 days in the money market is known as?
a. Call money
b. Notice money
c. Week money
d. Term money
Ans. b

Q. First bank to introduce ATM in India is?
a. Yes bank
b. ICICI bank
c. HDFC bank
d. HSBC bank
Ans. d

Q. SEBI is which type of body?
a. Statutory body
b. Non-statutory body
c. Advisory body
d. Non-advisory body
Ans. a

Q. From the following, which is the oldest joint stock bank of India?
a. Bank of Baroda
b. Allahabad bank
c. Patiala bank
d. Bank of India
Ans. b

Q. Who headed the committee to evaluate the license applications for Payment banks?
a. Usha Thorat
b. C Rangarajan
c. Nachiket Mor
d. BS Mehta
Ans. c

Q. From the following, India’s first Payment bank is?
a. Jio Payments bank
b. Airtel Payments bank
c. Fino Payments bank
d. Paytm Payments bank
Ans. b

Q. What is the type of banking where banks operate only from a single branch called as?
a. Unit banking
b. Narrow banking
c. Shadow banking
d. Internet banking
Ans. a

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