Science GK Questions Answers – Metals and Non Metals

Science GK Questions Answers – Welcome to! In today’s class we will discuss about Science General Knowledge Questions and answers. Here we will cover topics like Metals and Non Metals, Elements, Solid, Liquid, Gas, etc.

Science GK Questions Answers – Metals and Non Metals

# The non-metal which remains liquid at room temperature?
a. Chlorine
b. Bromine
c. Phosphorous
d. Helium
Ans. b

# Which is used in Pencils?
a. Phosphorous
b. Graphite
c. Charcoal
d. Silicon
Ans. b

# The metal which forms Amalgam with other metals?
a. Mercury
b. Lead
c. Tin
d. Zinc
Ans. a

# Which is the most hardest substance on earth?
a. Diamond
b. Gold
c. Iron
d. Platinum
Ans. b

# Galvanized iron sheets have coating of?
a. Lead
b. Zinc
c. Tin
d. Brass
Ans. b

# Silicon carbide is used for which of the following process?
a. Disinfecting water of ponds
b. Making cement, glass
c. Making bricks
d. Cutting very hard substances
Ans. d

# Which of the following used as Lubricant?
a. Iron oxide
b. Graphite
c. Diamond
d. Silica
Ans. b

# Non-stick cooking utensils are coated with?
a. Black paint
b. Polystyrene
c. PVC
d. Teflon
Ans. d

# The gas used by deep sea divers for breathing?
a. Xenon
b. Argon
c. Krypton
d. Helium
Ans. d

# The average salinity of sea water is?
a. 3%
b. 3.5%
c. 2%
d. 4%
Ans. b

# Co (cobalt), Fe (iron), Ni (nickel) are types of?
a. Alkali metals
b. Transition metals
c. Rare metals
d. Main group metals
Ans. b

# Permanent hardness of water can be removed by adding?
a. Sodium carbonate
b. Lime
c. Potassium permanganate
d. Alum
Ans. a

# Sodium is kept under which of the following?
a. Alcohol
b. Kerosene
c. Water
d. Petrol
Ans. b

# Which of the following is most soluble in water?
a. Sulphur
b. Common salt
c. Sugar
d. Camphor
Ans. c

Difference between Metals and Non Metals (Science GK)

1. These are solids at room temperature except mercuryThese exist in all three states
2. These are very hard except sodiumThese are soft except diamond
3. These are malleable and ductileThese are brittle and can break down into pieces
4. These are shinyThese are non-lustrous except iodine
5. Electropositive in natureElectronegative in nature
6. Have high densitiesHave low densities

Metals and Non Metals – Science General Knowledge

# Soda water contains?
a. Nitrous acid
b. Carbon dioxide
c. Carbonic acid
d. Sulphuric acid
Ans. b

# Important ore of Aluminium?
a. Bauxite
b. Galena
c. Calamine
d. Calcite
Ans. a

# Gun metal contains which ingredients?
a. Tin, Iron
b. Copper, Tin
c. Brass, Iron, Tin
d. Zinc, Titanium, Iron
Ans. b

# From the following which one was first discovered in the chromosphere of Sun?
a. Neon
b. Krypton
c. Helium
d. Xenon
Ans. c

# From the following which is in liquid form at room temperature?
a. Francium
b. Lithium
c. Cerium
d. Sodium
Ans. a

# From the following Heavy water is?
a. Rain water
b. Tritium oxide
c. Deuterium oxide
d. Water with pH 7
Ans. c

science gk questions metals and non metals

Elements, Solid, Liquids, Gas – Science GK Questions

# Element which is common to all acids?
a. Sulphur
b. Hydrogen
c. Carbon
d. Oxygen

# The gas filled in Electric bulb?
a. Hydrogen
b. Nitrogen
c. Oxygen
d. Carbon dioxide
Ans. b

# Washing soda is the common name of?
a. Sodium bicarbonate
b. Sodium carbonate
c. Calcium carbonate
d. Nitrogen oxide
Ans. b

# Which of the following is not a Green house gas?
a. Carbon dioxide
b. Methane
c. Hydrogen
d. Nitrous oxide
Ans. c

# Radium is obtained from?
a. Haematite
b. Pitchblende
c. Rutile
d. Limestone
Ans. b

# Permanent hardness of water can be removed by adding which of the following?
a. Washing soda
b. Chlorine
c. Potassium permanganate
d. Bleaching powder
Ans. a

# Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) gas is used in which of the domestic products?
a. Tube light
b. Television
c. Cooking gas
d. Refrigerator
Ans. d

# Air is a/an?
a. Element
b. Compound
c. Mixture
d. Electrolyte
Ans. c

# Which gas is also known as Marsh gas?
a. Nitrogen
b. Methane
c. Ethane
d. Butane
Ans. b

# Bell metal is alloy of?
a. Brass and Nickel
b. Tin and Copper
c. Nickel and Copper
d. Zinc and Copper
Ans. b

# From the following LPG consists of mainly?
a. Methane, Butane and Propane
b. Methane, Ethane and Hexane
c. Ethane, Hexane and Nonane
d. Methane, Hexane and Nonane
Ans. a

Metals and Non Metals GK Questions

# From the following which does not contain a coinage metal?
a. Zinc and Gold
b. Silver and Gold
c. Copper and Gold
d. Copper and Silver
Ans. a

# Balloons are filled with which of the following?
a. Helium
b. Oxygen
c. Argon
d. Nitrogen
Ans. a

# Which of the following pollute the air of city?
a. Cadmium
b. Lead
c. Copper
d. Chromium
Ans. b

# The Filament of an electric bulb is made up of?
a. Nichrome
b. Tungsten
c. Graphite
d. Iron
Ans. b

# What is laughing gas?
a. Carbon monoxide
b. Nitrous oxide
c. Hydrogen peroxide
d. Sulphur dioxide
Ans. b

# Elements which are frequently used for making transistors?
a. Iridium and Tungsten
b. Boron and Aluminium
c. Niobium and Columbium
d. Silicon and Germanium
Ans. d

# Diamond is an allotrope of?
a. Silicon
b. Germanium
c. Sulphur
d. Carbon
Ans. d