GK Quiz – GK Questions – GK Practice Set 1

Online GK Quiz with Answers – Set 1

# In India maximum number of workers are employed in?
a. Automobile industry
b. Textile industry
c. Iron and steel industry
d. Petrochemical industry
Ans. b

# Where is the headquarters of United Nations?
a. New York
b. California
c. Russia
d. Philippines
Ans. a

# Which body of United Nations is considered as World Parliament?
a. General Assembly
b. Security Council
c. International Court of Justice
d. Trusteeship Council
Ans. a

# The head of the Reserve Bank of India is designated as?
a. Managing Director
b. Chief Executive Officer
c. Chief Banking Officer
d. Governor
Ans. d

# India started its Five year plan from?
a. 1951
b. 1956
c. 1957
d. 1949
Ans. a

# The last Five year plan was on which year?
a. 2014
b. 2012
c. 2015
d. 2013
Ans. b
> It was the 12th Five year plan from 2012-2017

# Which is the largest man made Canal in the world?
a. Panama canal
b. Rhine canal
c. Suez canal
d. Jawahar canal
Ans. c

# Who built the Sanchi stupa?
a. Ashoka
b. Chandragupta Maurya
c. Ajatshatru
d. Shashank
Ans. a

# Where is Sanchi stupa located?
a. Uttar Pradesh
b. Madhya Pradesh
c. Shimla
d. Mumbai
Ans. b

# Which article separates Jammu and Kashmir from rest of India?
a. Article 370
b. Article 360
c. Article 228
d. Article 350
Ans. a

General Knowledge Quiz with Answers

# The judges of Supreme Court take oath before entering the office, conducted by?
a. Chief Justice of India
b. President or Vice President
c. President or some other person appointed by him/her
d. Prime Minister
Ans. c

GK Quiz - GK Questions - GK Practice Set 1

# Where is Dhamek Stupa located?
a. Sanchi
b. Sarnath
c. Kaushambi
d. Bodh Gaya
Ans. b

# From the following which one was not found in the form of archaeological remains from Kalibangan?
a. Black bangles
b. Couple burial
c. Fire pit
d. Ploughed field
Ans. b

# Which information is found in Ashoka’s inscriptions?
a. Foreign policy
b. Life story of Ashoka
c. Internal policy
d. All the above
Ans. d

# The circle of the Sarnath Pillar indicates?
a. Revolution
b. Power
c. Progress
d. Law
Ans. c

# Which is not counted under sub-vedas?
a. Shilp veda
b. Yajur veda
c. Ayur veda
d. Ghandharva veda
Ans. b
> There are 4 vedas – Rig veda, Sama veda, Yajur veda, Atharva veda

# From the following places, which place is NOT associated with Gautam Buddha?
a. Bodh Gaya
b. Sarnath
c. Kuchinagar
d. Pawapuri
Ans. d

# What was the real name of Gautam Buddha?
a. Vishal
b. Mahendra
c. Rudra
d. Sidharth
Ans. d

GK Practice Set – GK Questions with Answers

# Which veda is referred to as the starting source of the word Rudra?
a. Sama veda
b. Atharva veda
c. Rig veda
d. Yajur veda
Ans. c

# Which dynasty ruler of south India assumed the title of Dharmaraj?
a. Pallava
b. Wakatak
c. Kadamb
d. Western Ganga
Ans. d

# Which of the following was not exportable in the past Gupta period?
a. Silver
b. Tin
c. Gold
d. Iron
Ans. b

# Which of the following Pratihara king took the title of Pramana?
a. Nagabhata II
b. Watsaraj
c. Mihirbhoj
d. Rambhoj
Ans. c

# Which of the following presents the oldest evidence of Neolithic Era?
a. Mehrgarh
b. Daimabad
c. Burzhom
d. Chirand
Ans. a

# Which of the following was not found in Lothal as archaeological remains?
a. Harbour
b. Persian seals
c. Couple burial
d. Fine variety of barley
Ans. d