Banking General Awareness – Banking GK Questions

Banking General Awareness – Welcome to! In today’s class we will discuss some Banking General Awareness GK Questions Answers. Here we will cover topics like NABARD, RTGS, Bank headquarters, Bank establishment year, RBI, ATM, HSBC, Aadhar virtual ID, etc. We will also cover all the important Banking Terms.

Banking General Awareness – Banking GK Questions Answers

Q. NABARD Foundation day is celebrated on?
a. 10 July
b. 12 July
c. 13 July
d. 10 August
Ans. b

Q. In RTGS, the alphabet T denotes
a. Time
b. Tax
c. Tenure
d. Total
Ans. a
> RTGS full form – Real Time Gross Settlement

# Who was the prime minister of India in the year 1969 when Banking Nationalization took place?
a. Indira Gandhi
b. Atal Bihari Vajpayee
c. Morarji Desai
d. Rajiv Gandhi
Ans. a

# Who wrote the book ‘The Problem of The Rupee – Its origin and its solution’?
a. Jawahar lal Nehru
b. B.R. Ambedkar
c. Lala lajpat Rai
d. Mahatma Gandhi
Ans. b

# Who was the first governor of RBI?
a. CD Deshmukh
b. James Taylor
c. Sir Osborne Smith
d. Morarji Desai
Ans. c

# Who was the first Indian governor of RBI?
a. CD Deshmukh
b. Sir Osborne Smith
c. Sir Benegal Rama Rau
d. KG Ambegaonkar
Ans. a

Q. Which bank has the tagline ‘A tradition of trust’?
a. UCO bank
b. Allahabad bank
c. SBI
d. Andhra bank
Ans. b

# ATM Cards are issued to a person who has bank account of-
a. Savings account
b. Current deposit account
c. Term deposit account
d. Both options a and b
Ans. d

# Which of the following is considered as Liquid asset?
a. Cheque
b. Money
c. Bitcoin
d. None of the above
Ans. b

# The first Indian bank to open a branch in Foreign?
a. Bank of Baroda
b. Bank of India
c. State Bank of India
d. Punjab National Bank
Ans. b

# The first bank to introduce ATM in India?
a. ICICI bank
b. HSBC bank
c. PNB bank
d. SBI bank
Ans. b
HSBC = Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation

# The Imperial Bank of India was transformed into SBI in the year?
a. 1955
b. 1956
c. 1948
d. 1949
Ans. a

# In ALM what is M stands for?
a. Market
b. Management
c. Marginal
d. Money
Ans. b
ALM = Asset and liability management

# The Bank of Hindustan was established in the year?
a. 1770
b. 1894
c. 1809
d. 1865
Ans. a

banking gk questions answers

Banking General Awareness

# Punjab National Bank was established in the year of?
a. 1894
b. 1891
c. 1880
d. 1850
Ans. a

# The old name of SBI (State bank of India) is/
a. Bank of Calcutta
b. Bank of Goa
c. Hindustan bank
d. Seva bank
Ans. a

# How many digits are there in Aadhar number?
a. 16
b. 12
c. 8
d. 3
Ans. b

# How many digits are there in Aadhar Virtual ID?
a. 16
b. 12
c. 15
d. 10
Ans. a
> Aadhar virtual Id is generally printed just below the aadhar number

Q. Which bank has the tagline “A Friend on which you can bank on”?
a. Dena bank
b. Yes bank
c. UBI
d. Vijaya bank
Ans. d

Q. National energy conservation day is celebrated on?
a. 17 December
b. 7 December
c. 14 December
d. 11 December
Ans. c

Q. The cricket stadium ‘M.Chinnaswamy international cricket stadium’ is located in?
a. Bangalore (Bengaluru)
b. Kanpur
c. Pune
d. Gujarat
Ans. a

Q. Where is Indira Sagar dam located?
a. Assam
b. Madhya pradesh
c. Uttar pradesh
d. Odisha
Ans. b

Q. The word ASBA is a banking term. Here the alphabet B denotes?
a. Blocked
b. Banking
c. Blocking
d. Bank a/c
Ans. a
> ASBA full form – Applications Supported by Blocked Amount

Q. The headquarter of Vijaya bank is located in?
a. Mumbai
b. Delhi
c. Bengaluru
d. West bengal
Ans. c

Q. SEBI full form
Ans. Securities and Exchange Board of India

Q. CRISIL full form
Ans. Credit Rating Information Services of India

Q. Where is the Indian Overseas bank headquarter?
a. Chennai
b. Kolkata
c. Ahmedabad
d. Delhi
Ans. a

Banking GK Questions Answers

Q. Which is the first bank to sell Indian gold coins?
a. SBI
b. Indian overseas bank
c. Maharashtra bank
d. yes bank
Ans. b

Q. IRDAI full form?
Ans. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India

Q. ‘Trusted Family Bank’ is the tagline of which bank?
a. Maharashtra bank
b. SBI
c. Dena bank
d. Yes bank
Ans. c

Q. Headquarter of Dena bank is located in?
a. Mumbai
b. West bengal
c. Jharkhand
d. Manipur
Ans. a

# Reserve Bank of India was established on the recommendations of?
a. Keynes commission
b. Hilton young commission
c. Chamberlain commission
d. Mehta commission
Ans. b

# From the following options, RBI is not responsible for-
a. Credit controller
b. Custodian of foreign currency
c. Bank of the banks
d. Allocating funds to farmers for agriculture
Ans. d

# Who mints the coins in India?
a. Prime minister
b. Governor
c. Finance ministry
d. RBI
Ans. c

Bank establishment year and Headquarters where they started (Banking General Awareness)

> Bank of India – 1906 – Mumbai

> Allahabad bank – 1865 – Kolkata

> Bank of baroda – 1908 – Vadodara

> Andhra bank – 1923 – Hyderabad

> Indian bank – 1907 – Chennai

> Dena bank – 1938 – Mumbai

> Corporation bank – 1906 – Mangalore

> Canara bank – 1906 – Bengaluru

> Central bank of India – 1911 – MUMBAI

> Bank of Maharashtra – 1935 – Pune

> Indian overseas bank – 1937 – Chennai

> IDBI bank – 1964 – Mumbai

> Oriental bank of commerce – 1943 – Gurugram

> Punjab national bank – 1894 – Delhi

> Punjab and sind bank – 1908 – Delhi

> Vijaya bank – 1931 – Bengaluru

> United bank of India – 1950 – Kolkata

> Union bank of India – 1919 – Mumbai

> UCO bank – 1943 – Kolkata

> Syndicate bank – 1925 – Karnataka

> SBI – 1955 – Mumbai